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Josaigdan and the Arcane

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Josaigdan and the Arcane
Rated: M
'For violence, blood and gore.'


The game revolves around Josaigdan, a slave who has been underground all of his life, and has never once seen the sky. When mining one day, he stumbles upon an ancient ruin, where an Arcane resides. A female with angelic wings only known in myths, then you are given a task to take the arcane to where you can see the sky.

Josaigdan and the Arcane features an all new CBS, a full written script and all characters already made in concept. Plus with stunning VFX that you come to expect. I plan to get this game done sometime in 2006, the only thing im promising is that I am gonna finish this thing.

This game is currently unfinished, and there are no demos availible.

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